School Of Seven Bells – Chain

February 26, 2010

One more School Of Seven Bells song, mostly because I can’t get this one out of my head.


This might be a bit of a stretch

February 26, 2010

You know Marx worked in a place that only had 1-ply toilet paper and that’s how the whole thing got started.

Taking a spacewalk

February 26, 2010

Of course, NASA and the world’s other space agencies don’t send people on EVAs on a whim. It’s dangerous work (although no one has ever died or been seriously injured on an EVA). Astronauts working on the ISS report an initial period of severe disorientation, as their perspective flips from “hand-stand” to “surfboard” and back repeatedly. The problem is, the abstract shape of the ISS doesn’t give their brains any up or down cues to latch onto the way the space shuttle does.

Some great facts here.

It’s funny how we romanticize this stuff in our heads, but really they are just doing the most dangerous construction known to man.

Still, that view…


February 26, 2010

Unlike The Gods Must Be Crazy and The Gods Must Crazy II, 1991’s The Gods Must Be Crazy III (a.k.a. Crazy Safari) was made by a Hong Kong production company. The film still starred N!xau the Namibian Bushman, but instead of cultural misunderstandings concerning Coca-Cola bottles, the film was about a lost jiang shi, a.k.a. a Chinese vampire. Yes, the hopping, ponytailed, Chinese vampire that can be enslaved with a talisman written on yellow paper.

Yeah, because that makes sense.

“I feel like my whole life is ridiculous really.”

February 25, 2010

I love the competing leather jackets.

The Twilight Sad – The Room

February 25, 2010

Got to love those Scottish bands.

Crisis averted everyone

February 25, 2010

But just when many of us lost hope that Rickrolling would ever return, Google issued a statement saying that it had mistakenly removed the video after some YouTube users flagged it as spam. The company immediately placed the video back on its site, which means Rickrolling lives on — both in the hearts of Web users and on YouTube. Phew.

Good to know that Google is never going to give us up.